Taking Out A Loan

4 Things to Do Before Taking Out a Car Title Loan

If you're in a financial bind and need quick cash, a car title loan can be an excellent option. Specifically, a car title loan allows you to get quick approval for a personal loan, usually without the need for a credit check. Instead, you place your vehicle as collateral. The money from a car title loan can be used for just about anything, from bills and rent to personal expenses. Read More 

Bailing Out With An Ankle Monitor? What You Should Know

If you have been arrested and found yourself negotiating a bond release, you may find that the court, and your bail bondsman, request ankle bracelet monitoring for the duration of your bond. For those who have never found themselves in this situation, you may be confused and uncertain about what to expect. Here is some information to help you understand the process. Who Orders An Ankle Monitor? You might think that your bail bondsman will be the one to request the monitor. Read More 

What To Know About Your Credit Score And A Home Refinance Loan

Sometimes, it makes good financial sense to refinance your mortgage. It could lower your monthly payments or shorten the life of the loan. To get the best financial benefit, you want to get the lowest interest rate possible. Your credit score is one thing that influences your interest rate, so you'll want to know how it stands before you apply for a loan. Here are some tips for getting your credit in good shape to help you qualify for a refinance loan at a good rate. Read More 

3 Bail Bonds Options To Consider When You’re Running Out Of Options

When you're awaiting trial, staying in jail is never a good option. Being in jail makes it difficult for you to prepare your defense adequately. If you have a job, it can also result in you losing your wages over this period of time. However, making bail is often a challenge for many people. Bail amounts can be prohibitively high which means you often have to enlist outside help to be able to get out jail. Read More 

First Brush With The Law? Bail Bond Basics You Need To Know

Whether it involves you or someone you love, a first brush with law enforcement is sure to be frightening. If the offense is serious enough for an arrest to be made, the situation is sure to become even more unpleasant and unnerving. Depending upon the circumstances of the arrest and the seriousness of the charge, it may be necessary for you or your loved one to post cash amount or a bail bond in order to be released from jail until your scheduled court appearance, as directed by the arresting officer and notated on your arrest documentation. Read More